Kids These Days contemplates what's more valuable: friends or hot dogs, and get a standing ovation from Jeff Foxworthy along the way—on NBC’s Bring the Funny

"Her Father's Eyes" - Kids These Days

Directed by Lida Darmian, Written by Lida Darmian, Maggie Maxwell, Adrien Pellerin, Nick Reichheld, Edited by Nick Reichheld, Starring: Rachael Burke, Maggie Maxwell, Adrien Pellerin, Nick Reichheld, Crew: Jack Blankenship, Sabeeh Jameel

“Come On, Dave!”

Written by Maggie Maxwell, Pitch by Rokhsane Zadeh, Featuring: Alejandro La Rosa, Will Cooper, Tom Ed Buffalo Powers, Rokhsane Zadeh, Angela Palladino, Directed by Maggie Maxwell, Shot & Edited by Angela Palladino, Sound by Darrow Thomas

“Mouth Clamp”

Written by Meredith Paul & Angela Palladino Starring: Angela Palladino, Meredith Paul, Kourtni Beebe, Lauren Clark, Maggie Maxwell, Brittany Lee McDonald, Fu Goto, EA Moss, Tom Powers, Brielle DeMirjian, Stacy Hayashi, Alex Estrada & Luna the Dog, Directed by Alex Estrada DP: Drew Luster Sound: Yaari Nadav Tal Edited by Angela Palladino Special Thanks to Jenny Gorelick!

“Surprise Me” - Kids These Days

Written by Nick Reichheld, Starring: Maggie Maxwell, Rachael Burke, Nick Reichheld, Sascha Garrey, Jack Blankeship, Sabeeh Jameel

“Wi-Fi Frenzy” - BoogieManja

Written by Maggie Maxwell, Starring Lani Harms, Tom Powers, Fareeha Khan, Directed by Alex Viola, Shot and Edited by Dustin Molina